Event Rentals

You can have your own party at Bat Haus too! Monday to Friday after 7:30pm (including set-up time) and Saturday and Sunday at anytime! 

We have hosted baby showers, wedding parties, birthday parties, Presentation Party Nights, and art events. Email us at info@batha.us or call us at 917-865-8660 if interested! 

This is our floor plan: rectangle 2000 sq/ft main floor, a 500 sq/ft backyard and a 500 sq/ft mezzanine (kitchen and conference room).

Rental hours must include time for setup and clean up.

BBQ event with Brooklyn Brainery folks!

Baby Shower!

New Year’s Eve Dance Party!

Zoe’s Wedding Dance Party!

Pumpkin Carving Party with Bushwick community!

Saturday Flea Market!

Several Art Events:

Presentation Party Night